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Let’s get that “junior” out of your title

Upcase turns junior Rails developers into ass-kicking name-takers. We're not a bootcamp, we're a finishing school.

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Bryan Helkamp

thoughtbot provided the top-notch Ruby and Rails experience we needed to help drive major improvements to Code Climate. With Upcase, you can learn from some of the best in the business.

Bryan Helmkamp, @brynary CEO at Code Climate

The next-best thing to working at thoughtbot full-time


Stop learning alone! Join our community of thousands of motivated peers and receive mentorship from the best in the business.

  • Master vital skills like TDD, even if you've tried and failed at it before.
  • Break out of your learning rut with help from thoughtbot developers in our forum.
  • Join our GitHub team and watch us work on real Rails apps (like this one!)
  • Learn your way, with videos, code challenges, or flashcards.
Ralph Wintle

Training with thoughtbot (who I consider to be the best developers in the world), and leveraging Upcase’s vital community of like minded peers has been invaluable for me.

Skilling up in relative isolation in Australia, it provided the tools and support for me to land my first Rails job and flourish there.

Ralph Wintle Developer at postinvoice.com

Learn the tools and techniques you've been meaning to

  • Are you TDD-ing your Rails apps yet? We'll show you how.
  • Been putting off learning Vim, or struggling to get productive in it? We'll fix that.
  • If your OO design chops could use some work, you're in luck.

With how busy I am building software for a startup, Upcase is perfect to skill up between sprints and in small openings in my day, allowing me to consume exactly the content I need to grow professionally on my own schedule.

@carlisia Senior Software Engineer at VerveMobile

Without doubt, Upcase was vital to my professional growth and led to my dream Rails job at thoughtbot.

Matt Sumner Developer at thoughtbot

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For aspiring senior developers looking for battle-tested best practices, a killer community, and mentorship from the right people.

Why Upcase?
  • Access to our GitHub repos
  • Coding exercises
  • Video tutorials
  • Community forum
  • New videos every week
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Jacqueline HomanProfessional

Upcase gave me wings – I feel like I'm learning to fly. I never thought I could aspire to a career in Programming. I expected it to be difficult, and didn't even own a computer until a couple of years ago. Upcase provided the foundation for my future.


Ben GoldhaberThe Weekly Iteration

Upcase is very useful – in particular the material I've been using to improve my testing (…and, you know, actually use TDD) has been excellent.