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Focused learning with Trails

Example Trail: Onramp to Vim


Surviving Your First Week

Vim is notorious for having a steep learning curve, but we think this is a myth. This video will give you the base knowledge you need to get up and running for your first week.


Motions and Moving

Getting around is half the battle and Vim provides many ways to fly through a file. In this video you'll learn the motions that power so much of Vim's awesomeness.


Command Language

Vim's power and unique approach to editing comes from its language for editing text. In this video you'll learn how to speak the Vim language and become an editing master.


Windows & Tabs

Vim has an amazing amount of flexibility in how you lay out your windows and tabs. In this video you'll learn how to create, resize, and organize any layout you need.



Vim is a "modal" editor meaning that it has multiple different modes you can use to control it. In this video you'll learn about the different modes and how you can use them to maximize your efficiency.



Vim has an impressive array of configuration options and customization points. In this video you'll learn what sort of configurations are possible and see examples of some powerful options you can set to level up your Vim.



Vim is the best, but it can be even better with plugins. In this video you'll learn how to use plugins and see a selection of some of the most useful and powerful plugins available.

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Jacqueline HomanProfessional

Upcase gave me wings – I feel like I'm learning to fly. I never thought I could aspire to a career in Programming. I expected it to be difficult, and didn't even own a computer until a couple of years ago. Upcase provided the foundation for my future.


Matt Sumner 1-on-1 Coaching

I was a 1-on-1 coaching subscriber – now I work at thoughtbot. My experience with Upcase was amazing. I had a mentor who was aware of my proficiency and gave expert advice on how to move forward building my skills. Without doubt, Upcase was vital to my professional growth and led to an apprenticeship at thoughtbot.


Ben GoldhaberThe Weekly Iteration

Upcase is very useful – in particular the material I've been using to improve my testing (…and, you know, actually use TDD) has been excellent.