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  1. Clean code 051f7688f1b4092660fcde6e568192cd4c842a76256fad4d443257cf65fc8864
    • Clean Code
  2. Workflow 9115110a754f658c194467054a4cafe442e70127fd861e3e73cfd52967e1cc0f
    • Git
  3. Rails 5b6e6402d20e1300d63b64d9a1feb6b11b07cce25b91d9303ffe5650c52b3bc5
    • Ruby on Rails
  4. Testing b4ad43a80bc6252cf5df2da75ef2818c03ca4364fd1ddd8b17194ab67ce1c9fc
    • Testing
  5. Ios bbe9b9569c4b3c64a0e5032836f9956c67aeb99f2f765deeed2ebf5be049db55
    • iOS
  6. Haskell c5126b015677f52109dea666163f18b4c4d14228a9695af50b8177beeb0c3219
    • Haskell
  7. Javascript 680bb177420270060d8d5512083816dfeb635a0604d98c42ad7eb3e3d5a1e4e4
    • JavaScript
  8. Vim 51c311fb5f2f53ecf0dd86c56a9c5e97b56d2b137be52e54a75b38dedbae0cc7
    • Vim
  9. Workflow 9115110a754f658c194467054a4cafe442e70127fd861e3e73cfd52967e1cc0f
    • tmux
  10. Design c3d01504a469a1d14c305a0057e86612fd5df08e9106ba14aa3bed9d579a7680
    • Design
Bryan Helmkamp

thoughtbot provided the top-notch Ruby and Rails experience we needed to help drive major improvements to Code Climate. With Upcase, you can learn from some of the best in the business.

Bryan Helmkamp, @brynary - CEO at Code Climate

The next-best thing to working at thoughtbot full-time


Stop learning alone! Join our community of thousands of motivated peers and receive mentorship from the best in the business.

  • Master vital skills like TDD, even if you've tried and failed at it before.
  • Break out of your learning rut with help from thoughtbot developers in our forum.
  • Join our GitHub team and watch us work on real Rails apps (like this one!)
  • Learn your way, with videos, code challenges, or flashcards.
Ralph Wintle

Training with thoughtbot (who I consider to be the best developers in the world), and leveraging Upcase’s vital community of like minded peers has been invaluable for me.

Skilling up in relative isolation in Australia, it provided the tools and support for me to land my first Rails job and flourish there.

Ralph Wintle - Developer at postinvoice.com

Learn the tools and techniques you've been meaning to

  • Are you TDD-ing your Rails apps yet? We'll show you how.
  • Been putting off learning Vim, Git, or tmux or struggling to get productive in them? We'll fix that.
  • If your OO design chops could use some work, you're in luck.

Without doubt, Upcase was vital to my professional growth and led to my dream Rails job at thoughtbot.

Matt Sumner - Developer at thoughtbot

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