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Hands-on Backbone.js on Rails

Build snappier, more interactive apps with cleaner code in less time.


Basic Setup and CoffeeScript

Backbone.js Routers

Backbone.js Views and Templates

Backbone.js Models

Creating the Rails API

Backbone.js Collections and Connecting to the Rails API

Improving our Backbone.js Application

Converting to a Single Page Application

Creating Records

Destroying Records

Responding to Server-side Changes

Adding Application Functionality

Advanced JSON Input and Output

Advanced Models and Relationships - Part 1

Advanced Model and Relationships - Part 2

Advanced Backbone.js Behavior

Stickit: Backbone.js Data Binding Plugin

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  • Sean Griffin

    Sean Griffin

    Sean is a fanatic about Vim, Rails, and TDD. After spending far too long with PHP and ASP.NET, he's never looked back since joining the Ruby community. When he's not writing code, he enjoys fedoras, fine cigars, and blogging about the games industry.