Analytics for Developers

Build. Measure. Learn.


Part 1 - Big Data & Big Stories

2: Visualization, Applying Analytics To Your Business & Event Data Overview

3: Analytics Infrastructure & Modeling Events

4: Common Techniques, A/B Testing, Funnels, Cohort Analysis

5: Retention & Churn

6: Using Event Data to Answer Business Questions

Part 2 - Project Setup

8: Analytics Library, Events & Collections

9: Tracking Events & Adding Multiple Parameters

10: Stat Metrics & Graphing Analytics

11: Frontend vs Backend & Special Collection Methods

Taught by
  • Michelle Wetzler

    Michelle Wetzler

    Michelle is Chief Data Scientist at the analytics company Keen IO. In addition to running Keen IO internal analytics, she teaches classes on analytics, helps customers, and does analytics consulting. Prior to Keen IO, Michelle was a Technical Architect at Accenture and managed large-scale SAP and Salesforce implementations.


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